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Relationship Marketing and Mayhem Series

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Go Social 101 1/2 Day Class

Nectar_GoSocial101_SquareThis four hour 1/2 day class is one of our most popular. In this session we include all the information found in the Facebook and Twitter classes along with an overview of how to make your website your number one priority online. Take the time out of our busy schedule to learn how to win new business and deepen your existing customer relationships through online marketing and engagement.

Go Social 101 Topics:

  • The Three Reasons Social Equals Survival
  • Your Number One Online Priority
  • Engaging an Audience Through Facebook
    • Includes all items discussed in Facebook 101 class
  • Using Twitter to Make Your Business Fly
    • Includes all items discussed in Twitter 101 class
  • A glimpse into LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest
  • The priorities needed to win and build business online

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Nectar_FB_EngagingCust_SquareChances are your business has a Facebook page. Are you using it to effectively engage people that “like” you? Do you have a strategy to get new “likes”? What does it take to get noticed by people on Facebook? Join this class for a real world guide on Facebook marketing strategies. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to gain a following, generate engagement and drive conversions and business.

Grow your business one like at a time.



Using Twitter to Make Your Business Fly

NectarTwitterBizFly_SquareTwitter is the most powerful conversation in the world! For many businesses Twitter can be a great source of leads, customer service, business connections, and industry information. Businesses that tweet and engage have a greater trust factor with consumers. Build relationships on Twitter that can generate leads and sales. Learn the language, see the power of Twitter search, grow a following and get five Twitter tools that will make your experience more efficient.

Twitter is my favorite social network



Blogging for Better Business

Nectar_Blogging_SquareWeb sites with an active blog get 5x more organic search engine traffic. In the world of social media a blog is the only content you will always own. Learn to make a blog your central place of activity that drives customers to your site. Content is king, discover how consistent and pointed content will give you search engine gold. Join this class and see your web traffic increase and turn your visits into leads.

Content is king and getting found is critical to survival in business.



A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Nectar_InstagramVinePinterest_SquareThe sales funnel has shifted and now begins with attention. Pictures (and video) are powerful attention getting tools that keep customers (and potential customers) engaged and interested in your product or service. Are sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine right for you? Explore how these relatively new social networks work and how they might reap great return for your business. In this 60 minute class we will explore:

  • WHAT each visual network means for you
  • HOW each visual network works and the best practices of use
  • WHY you should (or possibly shouldn’t) invest your time in each of these networks.


Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques 

Nectar_AdvancedFB_SquareFacebook is a powerful social network. Learn the power of connection and how to maximize the powers of Facebook. This advanced 90 minute class will help you take Facebook to the next level beyond consistent posting and likes. Space is limited to 20 people.

  • MANAGEMENT: Learn tips and tricks for managing Facebook to make the best use of your time. 
  • MEASUREMENT: Analytics are powerful. What should you measure, what are the key performance indicators of success? What tools are out there to most effectively show your efforts. 
  • GROWTH: We will cover how to develop a killer Facebood Ads and sponsored stories and cover some very effective tools that can help you build some creative growth campaigns.

Go Social 201

Nectar_GoSocial201_SquareReady to leverage social media like the marketing professionals. It is suggested that attendees have a good working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, and other popular online engagement tools.


In this four hour class we will take on MEASUREMENT, MANAGEMENT and GROWTH for social media. You will learn how to be more efficient with your time, know what to measure and what tools are out there to help you gather data and you will learn the secret tips of trade professionals on how to actively GROW your following.

FACEBOOK – Learn how to create killer Facebook ads and sponsored stories. Learn the one tip on how to create brand awareness that many businesses are NOT doing. See how creative Facebook growth campaigns can drive your like base and increase your brand impressions.

TWITTER – Many of us are aware of tools to manage our growing follower base on Twitter, but are you using these tools effectively. See how  you can grow a relevant and targeted follower base into the 1000’s in just a short period of time. This is not just a “how to use Twitter class.” This is what you need to really drive growth and interaction.

PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, VINE, and MORE – What else is how there and what social tools should you cultivate to generate the greatest ROA, Return on Attention. We will discuss the most effective ways to leverage these tools for your business growth and development.

How to Make Money Online

NM_MakeMoney_ClassWant to make money with your products, services or advice online? Learn the proper steps to monetize your expertise. The window is now to own the online space and there are specific steps you can take to maximize your exposure. Learn the exact strategies to succeed. We’ll tackle the seven essentials for online success and how you can make money while you sleep.

Turn your passions into cash

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