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Josh Wade has inspired and motivated thousands of people through his keynote speeches and training seminars. Josh shares the techniques and lessons he has learned building Nectar Tasting Room, Nectar Wine and Beer, Nectar Catering and Events and nectarMEDIA through social media tools and relationship marketing.

Relationships make the world go round. He who has the most relationships wins. So, how do you do it? There is more to it than shaking hands and kissing babies right? As you’ll soon learn social media is relationships on steroids. The ability to instantly connect with customers, clients, partners, and fans is a powerful tool that every business MUST have at their disposal. Josh’s training and talks will not only give you the theory behind the tools but will show you the practical steps to grow an army of business ambassadors.

Public Speaking & Keynotes

Hire Josh Wade to bring a fun and engaging spirit to your event. Josh speaks on a wide range of topics from wine and branding to branding and technology. Josh’s low key and down to earth approach will have your audience motivated and inspired to tackle the challenges and obstacles of new media world.

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Topics Include

  • * Relationship Marketing
  • * Winning and Building Business Online
  • * Help! Our Customers Are Talking About Us Online
  • * Branding Your Business in the New Media Age
  • * Make Money While You Sleep
  • * Content is King, Conversation is Queen, Engagement Rules
  • * Building a Website with WordPress
  • *Individual social media platform classes
  • *Your 60 Second Pitch

Speaking fees are negotiable based on time, travel distance and organizational needs. 


Relationship Marketing and Mayhem Series

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