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Josh has been a great ‘go-to’ resource for everything social media, as well as great presenter to have as part of our BizStreet educational workshop series at Greater Spokane Incorporated

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You can’t market like you used to. Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more are capturing your customers and clients attention. The level of your prowess in these areas makes a difference in your bottom line. How can you compete for attention? How do you increase your reach? How can you make time? Join the 4 hour social media bootcamp class for these answers and more.

Josh Wade of nectarMEDIA built his brand through blogging, social networks, and online marketing. Josh now owns 4 businesses whose sole approach to marketing is building and nurturing his online community. Learn from someone who has been through the trenches, is fighting the battle and can show you the tools and techniques needed to win and build business online.

Class Topics

  • Guaranteed ways to increase your reach on Facebook
  • Six mistakes every online marketer is making
  • Targeting Your Audience with Facebook Ads
  • Grabbing Attention with Instagram
  • Broadcasting Yourself with Periscope, Snapchat and more
  • Lead Generation with Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Content and Search Engine Marketing through Blogging
  • Avoiding the Social Media time suck

Class Resources

You will walk away with the following tools to ensure your on going success in reaching more customers!

  • Best practices sheet on each of the six major social networks
  • A sample content schedule worksheet
  • Access to the 200 slides from the class
  • The eBook “50 Facebook Posts for Guaranteed Reach”
  • The eBook “Instagood on Instagram”

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This class is limited to the first 40 participants and includes a full breakfast served at 7:30am.


Josh has an engaging speaking style and is often called upon within the Spokane region to be a guest speaker or panel participant.  He is always prepared, provides an informative presentation including antidotes and hard data, and consistently earns high marks from meeting attendees for his sessions.

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SPOKANE – 4/12


OTHELLO – 4/20

COLFAX – 4/26



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Josh not only runs a successful company, he also walks the talk when it comes to his expertise on the topic of social media. He is a gifted teacher and speaker who helps make the complexities of social media both understandable and fun for his audiences to learn and implement. This is a rare gift. I highly recommend, if you can get him, bringing him into your company or event to share his wisdom on this in-demand topic.

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