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Six Strategies for More Web Traffic

So, you have a fancy new web site huh? Now you just need people to visit it, right? Your mom, sister and employees don’t count. With all the social media channels out there your web site should still be the priority and focus. It is how people will find you. It is where your information lives. It is where you can collect customer information (email addresses). Most importantly, it is where customers can buy your product. So, how do you drive more traffic to your pretty little corner of the world wide web?


First and foremost, focus on content. Organic search is, and most likely will always be the largest driver of your web traffic. Paying attention to your key words (Search Engine Optimization), page descriptions, tags and metadata will optimize your page to be found. Equally important is adding a blog component to your site. New, relevant and key word rich content is not only highly relevant to search engines, the content is well received by site visitors and adds to your marketing credibility.


Another great way to drive traffic is to guest blog on other web sites. This helps to create link backs to your web site and can introduce your service or product to a new audience. Practice reciprocity and allow the other site owner to guest blog on your web site too. This creates added content (that you didn’t have to create).


Sponsored traffic consists of developing partnerships with other organizations (large companies, non-profits) that have synergy to your business. You create a campaign that provides value for them. This sponsored story appears in their newsletter, publication, email blast, etc and drives traffic back to your web site. Sometimes you can “pay to play” with this approach or there is an equal benefit for both businesses. Either way, it is incredibly valuable. A key point to remember here is to make sure you don’t “give away all the content.” Make sure there is a direct link back to your web site for the rest of the story.


Affiliate partnerships are great ways to drive traffic to your site when you have a product to sell. Developing an affiliate relationship means that the organization you are partnering with “promotes” you to their email list or on their web site driving traffic to your product. If sales result from this partnership, then the affiliate receives an agreed upon percentage of the revenue. This is a lot like the “Groupon” model except they are directly driving traffic to your site, they are being an affiliate or broker of your product for a fee. Affiliate marketing can be a great revenue source and a way to collect new customer information.


Online advertising works. I have a client who knew the importance of building a Facebook fan base. Starting at zero “likes” he made the commitment to grow through Facebook pay per click (PPC). In less than a year his page has over 3500 likes and he is now growing organically and receiving referral business. Spending a little money on Google Ad Words or Facebook ads can be excellent options for your ad dollar. Eyes are online now more than ever and if you’re struggling to get those eyes to your site, it can be very valuable.


Social media…the final frontier, the great hope, the second coming of marketing…There are a lot of promises tossed about with social media. I am a huge proponent of the benefits of proper use and effective strategy when it comes to its use. Just being “on” it, does very little. Treating it like all other marketing with PUSH messages, #fail. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest are avenues to ENGAGE. You have an opportunity to build social ecosystems of loyal ambassadors that you can have conversations with and interact with at any time. Proper use of social media will generate referrals, deepen loyalty, drive web traffic and yes, generate revenue. The goal is not large groups of followers or likes. The goal is interaction and engagement with the audience. Social drives web traffic. As an example Facebook drives about 26% of all web traffic, Twitter and Pinterest account for about 4% each (and growing).


Focus on these six areas and you will see an increase in web traffic. The final word on the topic is this CONVERSION. What are you going to do with all those eyeballs once they are on your site? Do you have a conversion strategy? Can customers buy a product, opt in to an email list, easily connect with you? This is what  you need to think through. You can add value and drive all the traffic you want but if you are converting that to dollars, then you are a hobby not a business.

Want to connect? My goal is to help your business succeed. Let’s put together an effective strategy that combines the ideas above as they relate specifically to your business. Contact me today for a free 30 minute phone call or in person consultation.