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Relationship Marketing and Mayhem Classes

Are you ready to make a little mayhem with your marketing? What does it take to develop a successful relationship marketing strategy? Social media tools like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, blogs, etc are not just passing fads, they represent a fundamental shift in the way consumers are engaging with brands and products. Are you a part of that shift or are you letting your competitor win in the marketplace? 

I’ve successfully used Social Media tools to build three businesses. The Relationship Marketing and Mayhem classes are a series of classes to help motivate you and give you the knowledge you need to implement and successfully manage the social media tools. As a small business owner, I get that your time and money are important, that’s why I keep the classes affordable and offer package deals.

ONE CLASS – $20: Attend the class you specifically need

FOUR PACK – $50: Attend any 4 of the classes that best suit your business goals

EIGHT PACK – $100: Attend any 8 of the classes and get two consulting sessions with nectarMEDIA.

*With the 4 and 8 pack classes you have 12 months to join the classes of your choice.


The class series will soon be available online so users can watch from the comfort of their own office or with your entire marketing team.

Facebook – Marketing strategies to build engagement, increase your reach and manage campaigns. Don’t be part of the 80% of business pages who create little to no engagement.

Facebook Timeline – This limited time only class explains the nearly 30 new changes and enhancements to Facebook Timeline for brands. The new tools and visual appeal make for some unique branding opportunities and fan engagement.

Twitter – Join the conversation and tap into the passionate world of tweets. Learn how to grow a following, understand the lingo, and tap into the amazing world of information. The potential for ROI is massive here.

Pinterest – Build business interest with Pinterest. This social site is one of the fastest growing every. Highly addictive and visual, Pinterest is driving traffic to web sites at an impressive rate. Capture these eyeballs and build a conversion strategy for success.

Groupon (Deal Sites) – When used correctly, Groupon is a powerful marketing tool. When used incorrectly customers get a poor experience and businesses can quickly be overextened. Learn the tips from the pros who have been there and done Groupon (and other deal sites) the right way.

Blogging for Better Business – Web sites with an active blog get 5x more organic search engine traffic. In the world of social media a blog is the only content you will always own. Learn to make a blog your central place of activity that drives customers to your site. Content is king, discover how consistent and pointed content will give you search engine gold.

Google+ – Does Google+ (Plus) matter? Currently the third largest social tool, Google+ matters now more than ever because SEARCH rules the world. With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, your Google+ content gets priority on search. Don’t miss out.

Make Money on the Web – Want to make money with your products, services or advice online? Learn the proper steps to monetize your expertise. The window is now to own the online space and there are specific steps you can take to maximize your exposure. Learn the exact strategies to succeed.

Advanced Facebook – Facebook marketing is more than status updates, pictures and funny quotes. Learn how you can create innovative campaigns that drive “likes,” engage fans, and even sell product right on your Facebook page…just like the big boys.

LinkedIn – Build the business to business connections you need to help sustain your business ecosystems and connect with the businesses that need your product or service. Learn how to build and optimize your profile. Taught by a master LinkedIn user and partner of nectarMEDIA, Eric Bandholz or Doyle Wheeler.