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How to Make Money Online

Do you have a product, service, area of expertise or passion you want to share with the world? You can turn that idea into cash with the right approach and right online infrastructure. In today’s world, having a residual income stream is important to helping you achieve your dreams.

Whether you are Tony Robbins, Hubspot, Brendan Burchard or, there is a tried and true proven method to selling your product service or idea online. It all revolves around Positioning, Packaging and Promoting!


How do you set yourself apart as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy? Why should I buy from you?  In the class “How to Make Money Online,” we will discuss the 7 essentials for building trust, the 3 pillars of trust and dynamic dozen factors of credibility. Once you see how to position yourself, you can move to the next step:


What is your product? Is it a product? Is it a service? Is it expertise? Do some research on what others are doing online. Developing the physical product can be the most time consuming part. You may have to invest a little time and/or money for this part. The goal is to develop the infrastructure for easy and repeatable sales. Have you written a great white paper or book? Build an attractive eBook that can be downloaded once payment is complete. Is it a physical product? Set up the tools for online sales and a simple shipping process.


One of the best ways to promote your product online is…online. Take the time and effort to build online tribes or ecosystems through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Build your email list by offering something of value that people can download. Build trust by providing VALUE and CONTENT through your online channels. Just getting your product online doesn’t mean you are guaranteed sales. Launching your product online is the BEGINNING of the journey, not the main accomplishment. Below are three tips for promoting:

  1. Build partnerships and affiliates. Leverage the power of others and you will see greater success.
  2. Be intentional. Create a marketing and promotional plan for getting the word out.
  3. Follow up your promotions. Don’t just shoot the gun once. You must keep following up.

Live in Spokane? Join us for our How to Make Money Online class to learn how to monetize your idea online. We will go deeper into each of the ideas discussed above as well as what key components of the online infrastructure you will need.