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Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. I love the instant access to information and the power of conversation. In my opinion a business can do more to grow relationships through Twitter than any other social platform. With this power comes responsibility. Twitter can be a powerful relationship building tool but if put in the hands of the wrong person it can be a clanging gong full of noise. Staring out? Check out these 3 tips for growing a successful Twitter presence.


Your profile is the window to first impressions. When people make a following decision they will look at 4 components of your profile.

A) Bio description: You have 160 characters to describe who you are, what you do and where you are. These characters are indexed by search engines, so focus on key words for your business and location. Make sure you include your location and web site in the provided fields.

B) Profile picture. The image is square. A quality picture of your face or business logo is important. Personally, I want to connect with faces and not logos, however I do realize the need for a logo.

C) Header Photo: Give your twitter profile more character by uploading a header photo. This is similar to your Facebook cover photo. The image size is 1252×626. This gives users a better glimpse into who you are and what you do.

D) Your tweet stream. Users will look at  your tweets to see if you are spammy, an over promoter, vulgar, negative, or non-conversational. The bulk of your tweet stream should be engaging conversation to other twitter users and relevant content.



Growing a following begins with following people relevant to your business. There are tricks to growing a follower base of thousands but what good does it do you if you sell widgets in Spokane and your have thousands of followers in China, India and Brazil. Not only will you not like your own twitter stream (irrelevant tweets), you will not have the influence you are looking for.

A) For starters, type in key words at the top of the Twitter search bar. When I got started, I started following people tweeting about wine. Now I continually search for people tweeting words “Spokane” so I can connect with people who may want my marketing services. Follow chunks of 70-100 people. A certain percentage will follow you back right away.

B) Engage the people you follow by retweeting them, replying to them, and talking to them directly. Re-tweeting is simply sharing someone else’s message with your followers.



Twitter is a relationship building tool, not a marketing platform. Some of the worst examples of twitter are from accounts that are constantly promoting the same content over and over again without the effort to build relationships with their following. Some of the best examples of accounts are those that use the platform to just talk with people. At Nectar Tasting Room we balance promoting our own events, engaging wine lovers across the world, sharing content from our friends, and having conversations about wine, Spokane and other topics. During my classes I always tell people to imagine Twitter as a giant cocktail party. You don’t go to face to face networking events handing out your card asking people to buy from you. You go and build repertoire hopefully earning trust for future business. For examples of good tweeting from my wine loving friends. Check out TEN SUCCESSFUL TWEETS.

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