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Facebook Promoted Status Updates and new Features

Facebook introduces two new features for business pages that can help page administrators monitor their effectiveness and affordably increase their reach. Earlier this year Facebook announced that the average brand status update only reaches 16% of its audience. The two new Facebook features, “promoted status updates” and real time post analytics allow you to see your reach and buy more “attention.”

The Facebook “Edge Rank” weights every piece of content and shows users content it thinks it wants to see based off affinity, content type and time of day. The new features could be a gold mine for businesses struggling to break through the edge rank and for the Facebook ad revenue bottom line.


“Reach Generator is a new tool designed to let brands reach all their fans. The average post by a brand (or a person) only reaches 16% of such fans for various reasons, like the number of times you log on and the number of people and brands in your network. Reach Generator lets advertisers reach the other 86% by rerunning status updates as ads aimed at those fans.”


Page administrators will now see stats below their post within as quickly as 5 minutes that shows the organic and viral reach of a post. Organic reach is defined as the number of people who saw a post in a news feed, ticker or on the page’s wall. Viral reach extends to the number of people who saw the post in a friends story (like, comment and share activity will boost this number).

Consistent and engaging content will keep these numbers high and will ensure that your posts get seen by more than the average 16% of your audience.

In addition to showing you reach of your post, Facebook now provides the % of people who like the page who have seen the post. Clicking the % text will show you this new stat.


Promoted status updates are a way for a page administrator to ensure greater exposure to a specific status update. This would equate to purchased affinity. If you have an important announcement, a big sale, or a significant event, promoted status updates might be an affordable option to consider. The feature is only available to pages with more than 400 likes. As your page grows in likes it will cost more money to reach more people.

Example on my page it will cost me $10 to reach 1100 people – about 25% of the audience, and $20 to reach 2200 people – about 50% of the audience. A brand like Coca Cola with 42 million likes could potentially spend thousands of dollars to reach greater percentages of their audience.

In light of the recent Facebook IPO struggles and the high demand on Facebook to make money, this new feature could bring big returns to shareholders.

Step 1 – Select PROMOTE on an existing post (within the last three days) or from a new status update.

Step 2 – Choose your BUDGET

Step 3 – Click SAVE

Purchasing Promoted Posts requires you to set up an Ad Manager account with payment by credit card, PayPal, Facebook ad coupon, or direct debit.

Promoted posts will show up in the news feeds of people who like your page for three days. Watch your stats, especially the Viral Reach stat if your content is being liked, commented and shared. An additional benefit to promoted posts will be new organic “like” growth to your page as friends of friends see activity on the post. For better results, PIN your promoted post to the top of your timeline.

For more information on the new feature, check out the Facebook help center.