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Facebook FBML App removal from Fan Pages | Business 2 Community

Facebook FBML App removal from Fan Pages | Business 2 Community.

If you are still using Facebook’s old FBML tabs for your Facebook Business Page, now is the time to make the change!  The final official end date when all FBML tabs will cease to work and will be removed from Facebook by Facebook is set for June 6, 2012.

In September 2011, Facebook announced the end of FBML with a tiered “retirement” plan.  Users have not been able to add FBML apps since last year and Facebook stopped support and bug fix monitoring for FBML on January 1, 2012.  Now the last phase, removal, is slated for June 6, 2012.   Those still using FBML apps on their Facebook Fan Pages should find a replacement that is a i-frame app solution.  One example is a tool like TabSiteBelow is a current status posting in the Facebook Developer area regarding the end of FBML.

The time has come for those last holdouts still using a FBML tab on their Facebook Page to fully transition to iFrame tabs and depart from FBML coding completely.

Fan Page Admins can create i-Frame apps from scratch if desired.  This does require some basic knowledge of coding, or Facebook Page Admins can use a third party i-frame platform that solution where coding knowledge is not needed.

If Page Admins have tabs on their Facebook business Page with the logo icon shown below,   this indicates an FBML app, and Admins will want to make a change! 

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