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Why Social Media Will Reshape the 2012 Olympics

Why Social Media Will Reshape the 2012 Olympics. The 2012 Olympics in London are being touted by some as the world’s “first social Games.” While some question just how social they’ll actually be, there’s no doubt that networks such as Facebook, Twitter andYouTube will play an unprecedented role in how information is disseminated from London, and how the global sports conversation […]

Pinterest is Driving Traffic for Business

Pinterest is now one of the top five drivers of referral traffic to brand / product web sites. What is all the Pinterest craze? How can proper use of Pinterest drive traffic to your web site? In short, Pinterest is a highly addictive visual sharing tool where users ‘pin’ items they like onto virtual boards. […]

Getting the edge on Facebook so that your status updates are seen is a priority for business owners. Statistics say that only 12-17% of a business pages likes see their status update. Facebook rates each and every piece of content and manipulates the data to show users only the posts of people they have affinity […]

As a small business owner it can be hard to find the time to stay current on all the trends and tips for your business. Going social is now a critical element to winning and building business. Stay tuned for twice monthly tips to help you and your business succeed online. Tune in every other […]