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The Blog Economy

Does blogging work? Will blogging generate revenue for your business? Check out the overview of the Blogconomy by Ignite Spot. Read more: Infographic: The Blogconomy Blogging Statistics | Marketing Technology Blog Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Follow us: @mktgtechblog on Twitter | marketingtechnology on Facebook

Facebook Algorithm Changes That Affect YOU

Noticing a decline in your Facebook reach? There is a reason for that.The days of free engagement and promotion seem to be nearing an end on Facebook. Since the company has gone public and is so integrated into our ongoing marketing strategies, they have made a few critical changes that affect how YOU are getting […]

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. I love the instant access to information and the power of conversation. In my opinion a business can do more to grow relationships through Twitter than any other social platform. With this power comes responsibility. Twitter can be a powerful relationship building tool but if put in the […]

Social Media and the New Sales Funnel

Where do you get your customers? Cold calls, collecting business cards, yellow page ads, and in some cases even traditional media is old hat. As social media transforms the relationship customers have with a brand or product and each other, the game has certainly changed. Take a look and see how the sales funnel looks […]