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Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. I love the instant access to information and the power of conversation. In my opinion a business can do more to grow relationships through Twitter than any other social platform. With this power comes responsibility. Twitter can be a powerful relationship building tool but if put in the […]

Social Media and the New Sales Funnel

Where do you get your customers? Cold calls, collecting business cards, yellow page ads, and in some cases even traditional media is old hat. As social media transforms the relationship customers have with a brand or product and each other, the game has certainly changed. Take a look and see how the sales funnel looks […]

Say Goodbye to Facebook Edge Rank

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm. More than 700 million people use Facebook’s News Feed daily, but not many of them understand how it works. Today, that all changes with the introduction of Story Bump and several other improvements that aid in the discovery of new stories. Previously, Facebook relied on a system called […]

Five Fabulous Facebook Finds

Want to take your Facebook page to the next level? Want to create fun campaigns, grow likes, and engage your audience in new ways. Try out these Five Fabulous Facebook Finds that will add some flare and keep your fans coming back for more and more. With over 1 billion accounts, 50% of them logging […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Use of Instagram

Instagram burst onto the scene in 2010 and now has over 130 million ACTIVE users. The photo sharing app generates 40 million photo posts per day. With its acquisition by Facebook and the recent launch of 15 second video segments, Instagram has become a powerhouse that businesses shouldn’t and often times can’t ignore. Read on […]